Office 365 Orientation Training

Parents who may be unfamiliar with the benefits and potential of cloud technologies can sometimes be easily overwhelmed by the Product App options and services offered in the Office 365 enterprise subscription. While cloud technology may be a challenge for some, it offers effective communication and educational solutions for many who struggle to maintain meaningful engagement in the academic lives of students in an efficient and convenient way without the burdensome nature of traditional paperwork exchanges with school administrators. We use automated technology services to streamline and establish regular paperwork processes that help parents stayed updated and engaged in the education of our children. Parents are encouraged to request a demo before signing up for enrollment. Please contact us to get more information.

The orientation training provides students the basic practical navigation tools to begin their learning journey on the cloud. Most students are already familiar with the modern technology concepts and tools and generally adapt really well with current trends in education. Administrators and teachers are always present to provide help where necessary. Orientation is required for all new students. Please contact us to get more information.


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